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Smart warmer

Innocare® smart warmer



Specially designed for controlled heating of Innocare® packs of flannels or hair washes.
This appliance offers many advantages over heating in conventional microwaves:





    by the continuous and complete heating of up to 18 packets through the twin-air circulation system. Time savings compared to heating single packs in the microwave. The start-stop sequence with a microwave creates waiting time plus extra time and movement for logistics. Furthermore, when using the microwave there is a risk of overheating or cooling down if the operator is distracted, for example. The smart warmer runs continuously and has an overheating protection.
    Low power consumption compared to 800 W microwave order heating for each pack, consumes only max. 375 W at "peak load" during initial heating. Eliminates waiting time (if the device is specified and filled in the correct order). Further savings on cleaning and maintenance. This is because one warmer replaces several microwaves.
    because it is equipped with a Clean-Cycle function to eliminate bioburden through dry heat disinfection at 82 °C for 60 minutes. Clean Design. All slot boards can be disassembled to allow for thorough cleaning if required.
  • SAFE
    with built-in overheat protection and the detection of expired product(s) that have been in the slot for more than 120 hours. The twin-air air circulation system ensures controlled and complete heating of packages.
    practically maintenance-free and easy to operate
    because it is equipped with microprocessor and a "First in First" signaling from the range of the product. This eliminates the risk of expired products in the warmer. The device is easy to understand and use.
    depending on the type of microwave and capacity, this smart warmer replaces 4 to 18 microwaves and thus takes up relatively little space.



REF  7202  
DESCRIPTION  Innocare® smart warmer, 18 slots, 230V  
MATL/COLOR/GSM Behuizing gelakt staal, wit, binnenwerk aluminium  


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